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Lee x Ornamental Conifer

With Giulio Aprin

Can you introduce yourself briefly? I’m Giulio Aprin, I’m a photographer, videomaker, contents creator and social media strategist. I’m currently based In Florence (Italy) and willing to move asap somewhere else, after living 2 years in London. 
I have many passions. Sports, exploring the world so travelling, anything that is creative and art. From museums to Architecture. I’ve been doing many sports in my life. And I have been a coach in parkour and freerunning for 6 years. 
I love nature, and its strength. Nature is the most important source of life on this planet and we should preserve it and look after it more.
Enjoying it more.
I don’t like discrimination, I don’t like ignorance. I don’t like judgmental people.
Respect, in all of its aspects, is the key to success.
And it starts respecting ourselves.
How is your profession related to fashion? I’m not really into fashion in the specific meaning of the term. I’m definitely related to it because as a Photographer and creative person I’m constantly dealing with it and working along it. But I like to see myself as an external eye on the fashion world, I have to look at it and capture what I feel and I filter of it.

What’s your vision of the brand Lee? Lee, is one of the first jeans brand in the history; I always love to go look back at the origins of brands, and the ones I like most come from a workwear background starting point. And of course Lee came out with its best piece ever created:
The “Overall”, such a real amazing piece of cloth very useful for workers and farmers. That’s what comes up in my head when I hear the word Lee.
What do you think of our Conifer collab? Did you know him before, what do you think of his style, his slogans… Don’t know about the collaboration, but I absolutely embrace the idea of it, I’ve always been a fan of hand painted typography and that rough look on denim.
Quality mixed with a good touch of creativity that gives you the sense of being in a motorbikes and vintage cars gather.

Is denim a key component of your wardrobe? In which occasion do you wear denim? Denim is a must in every person’s wardrobe in my opinion, I always wear denim trousers, black or classic dark blue. And I also wear Denim jackets, Any casual occasion Denim is good and wearable.
What is a typical week for you? How does it sound like? From your activity to your outfits, the people you meet or work with…I work a lot with my laptop editing, emails researching, studying and PR all around the world. I like to have the weekends out with friends doing some adventures, trips and exploring nature. From mountains to the sea, canyoning, hiking etcc.
During the week also meeting people for work, shooting contents for my channels, clients and for other people. Making new connections, sometimes also travel.
I should start doing some exercises too because I’m losing my reactivity ahha.

How is your “influencers”, digital community important to you? How do you integrate them in your daily life? Many of my actual good, close friends are into the social media world. I’m not a big fan of the word Influencer, as I’m just being myself and using my skills, my work, photography to represent myself. But the community is definitely something important not only from the marketing aspects, but mostly for the social aspect. 
It gives you the opportunity to connect to many amazing people, and the people who make this community big and important aren’t “influencers” are just people who have always a story to share with you, or a smile, or word to cheer you up and let you explore the world from different eyes. I like to have some time to spend with people on the community, and I hope to be able to travel around to go see them and share some adventures together.

Denim is a must in every person’s wardrobe in my opinion, I always wear denim trousers, black or classic dark blue

What’s your source of inspiration? Films, films photography, and the chaos that I have in my head.

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